As a citizen of both Canada and the United States, Philip Meyer has family and business ties across Canada including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. With a personal connection to both countries and a professional focus on business and business law issues, Philip has naturally been a strong advocate of cross-border trade and business between the two countries. Today, Philip Meyer is helping Canadian businesses realize their cross-border business goals in the State of New York (the largest U.S. market for Canadian goods/services) providing the necessary counsel and representation in business law and business litigation.


Our Cross-Border Business Practice provides legal services relating to: 


  • Contracts and Agreements  - Drafting, negotiation and review, including:

    • Sales, distribution, and licensing agreements.

    • Employment, non-compete, and confidentiality agreements.


  • U.S. Business Entity Formation and Governance

    • We assist Canadian businesses entering into the U.S. by forming U.S. business entities including limited liability companies, partnerships and corporations. In addition to forming the entity and assisting in the determination of the best ownership structure, we often stay on as general counsel to the U.S. business entity in future legal issues.


  • Trade Secrets, Trademarks & Copyright

    • We assist Canadian companies make the necessary registrations to protect their trademark(s) & copyright(s). When needed, we also draft and send "cease and desist letters" in cases of infringement by others.

    • We advise clients on the implementation of policies and procedures for the protection of their trade secrets. Taking the right precautionary steps is vital not only to preserve the competitive and financial benefit of the secret, but to also legally preserve any potential claim against others for wrongful misappropriation and resulting damages. 

    • We provide clients with litigation services where intervention by the Courts in New York State is necessary to protect their trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights from misappropriation or infringement by other parties.


  • Business Litigation

    • We represent Canadian companies and individuals in business disputes brought in the New York Courts, such as collecting on unpaid accounts and breach of contract.

    • You can view more of our litigation services HERE.


  • General Counsel & Business Law Services

    • In addition, we provide continuing legal counsel to all of our business clients.

    • We can assist in any business law issue that arises, including the formation of a U.S. business entity, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, and addressing other business issues such as employment.

    • You can view more of our business law services HERE.


The Meyer Law Firm: The Right Choice for Canadian Small Businesses and Startups

Having both a M.B.A. and J.D., being a citizen of both Canada and the United States, an owner of two small businesses, and a practicing New York business and litigation attorney focusing almost exclusively on small businesses and startups, Philip Meyer is a small business attorney unique amongst his peers. Canadian small businesses  and startups in need of New York legal counsel now have a better alternative to the impersonal and high-priced big law firms. At The Meyer Law Firm, you are not just another file. Philip Meyer provides the personalized small-business focus that you want, the quality legal representation you deserve and the cost-effectiveness you require. Philip Meyer is the Small Business Attorney that small businesses can rely on.


Conveniently located!  The Meyer Law Firm's Buffalo office is just a 15 minute drive from the U.S./Canadian Border with direct travel routes to and from the City of Toronto.

NOTICE: Philip Meyer is a New York Attorney, licensed to practice law in all courts of the State of New York only. He is not a licensed attorney in Canada or any province of Canada and does not practice law in Canada.

Practice Areas:


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