Frequently asked questions

Do you have free consultations?

No. Unless we have a flat fee or other arrangement made, my charge for an initial consultations is $250.

How much do you charge?

Some things are flat fee (listed below). Most are on an hourly basis. Depending on your situation and the case, we may sometimes work out flat fee or percentage rates. The billing scenarios are listed below. Hourly rate: Starts at $250 per hour ( billed at every tenth of an hour). This is for anything not listed below.
Flat Fees: Formation of LLC: Attorney Fees for Single Member LLC $1,000. Attorney Fees for Multi Membe LLC $1,500 Formation of Corporation: Attorneys Fees : $1,250 Contract Review: $1,250 for basic review*. (*Subject to further discussion with attorney. If we can do it on a flat fee basis we will, otherwise it is $250 per hour) Copyright: Attorney Fee $500

When can I expect you to return my phone call or email?

It is our policy to immediately return your call or email, in most cases within 24 hours.


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